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Rivercrest Farm

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Rivercrest Farm Events and Vacation Rentals pair the beauty of the Blue Ridge and the Shenandoah River with Modern Southern Relaxation. 

Our Event Center combines a unique blend of soft white light and weathered wood, gorgeous sweeping views on multiple ceremony sites, and bohemian touches that blend beautifully to create memorable and romantic weekends nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

With over a mile and a half of riverfront property, our cottages and cabins provide the space to relax and the privacy to unwind. Most of our homes boast hot tubs, multiple bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and

river access to play and enjoy.


WOW! I do not think I can accurately put into words how awesome this venue was. The BEST part of it was BRIDGET!!!! She is an amazing DOC who will do absolutely anything in her power to make sure that you have an amazing wedding day. I am forever thankful for her and her staff. Everyone made sure that it was a great day and FUN! Not only was it a great venue, but it is absolutely beautiful and really helped me accomplish the fully outside wedding I was trying to have. So many of my guests loved the aesthetic and I could not speak highly enough about this venue. I am forever thankful for Bridget and all of her work, her staff, and this beautiful venue. If you are looking for an outdoor wedding, fun time, and great people this is the venue for you! - Claire

First off, its taken us WAAAAY too long to write this review for Bridget, Scott, and the whole team at Rivercrest. We are a VERY satisfied June 2021 married customer of Rivercrest. This place is absolutely amazing. The moment we met Bridget in the height of covid to tour for our wedding, we knew that (she) and this venue was it! There was no way anywhere else could top it! We actually only toured Rivercrest and made our decision right after leaving! Anyone who has met Bridget knows immediately that she is the perfect person for what she’s doing. She’s extremely hospitable, cares beyond belief and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure EVERYTHING is the way YOU want it on your special day. We honestly felt like we had made a forever friend after meeting Bridget and touring Rivercrest for the first time. Not to mention, the price you pay for what you get is a slamming deal! Leading up to the wedding, Bridget was literally at our beck and call (even though she says shes a 30-days out wedding planner) there were plenty of times we needed answers or measurements and she was on top of it and answered us the same day we asked. The venue speaks for itself, the views and pictures we have to remember this day will never, ever get old. Scott, (the owner) made it a point to come out and introduce himself to us while we were decorating and setting up the day before. He also gave us his PERSONAL number and told us to call him at any time, if we needed anything! I mean, it doesn’t get more accommodating than that! There are nothing but good things to be said about this venue and the possibilities are endless. Bridget and Scott made it very clear that they were/are open to us using the venue however we see fit. They allowed us to have full control of where we wanted to put everything. Although, since Bridget is so great at what she does we did have her suggest and take over for some parts because, duh she knows better than we do! We live just over 2 hours away from the Venue but Bridget did a wonderful job at setting up video calls and making sure we felt comfortable about everything, every step of the way. It was an honest dream come true. Everything was 100x better than we would have ever imagined and we cannot recommend this venue enough. The people who work for Rivercrest paired with the beautiful views truly make it the most wonderful experience you’ll ever have in your life!!!! - Victoria

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