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A Little Ditty About Meg and Diane

Love Is Love!

Many many thanks to the Uber-talented Rachel Marable at Oaks and Ivy Studios for the gorgeous photography! Check out more of her work here!

There are some weddings that live in your memory for being a perfect day - the perfect weather, the greatest people, the most happiness. This was one of those days. Meg and Diane were meant for each other. Their happiness is palpable; their joy infectious.

They used the beauty of autumn to accentuate their decor, mixing sunflowers and autumn wildflowers with eucalyptus and soft candlelight to create the perfect ambience in the barn. Not to be forgotten were the rainbows - under their wedding gowns on their matching socks and awesome DIY rainbow paint-splattered wedding shoes, the champagne at the head table and the glow stick send-off.

They used playful signage all over the barn, but our very favorite, which reigns supreme as Greatest Ceremony Sign Of All Time: "Choose a seat, not a side. Either way, it's for a bride."

The night's pièce de résistance was how the couple got the party started - a fully choreographed - confetti-gun explosion bursting out of the barn - absolutely flawless dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." With Halloween only being days after the wedding, it was a perfect way to kick up the celebration to "max-awesome."

This will forever be one of our favorites days on the farm, because love is always love! We love you, Meg and Diane!

We love you both!!!!!

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